A Novel Region based Image Fusion Method using Highboost Filtering and Fuzzy Logic

Tanish Zaveri, Mukesh Zaveri


This paper proposes a novel region based image
fusion scheme based on high boost filtering concept using discrete
wavelet transform. In the recent literature, region based image
fusion methods show better performance than pixel based image
fusion method. Proposed method is a novel idea which uses
high boost filtering concept to get an accurate segmentation
using discrete wavelet transform. This concept is used to extract
regions form input registered source images which is than
compared with different fusion rules. The fusion rule based on
spatial frequency and standard deviation is also proposed to fuse
multimodality images. The different fusion rules are applied on
various categories of input source images and resultant fused
image is generated. Proposed method is applied on registered
images of multifocus and multimodality images and results are
compared using standard reference based and non-reference
based image fusion parameters. It has been observed from
simulation results that our proposed algorithm is consistent and
preserves more information compared to earlier reported pixel
based and region based methods.

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