Characterization & Comparative Analysis of High Speed CMOS Comparator for Pipelined ADC

Priyesh P. Gandhi, N M. Devashryaee


In todays high speed low power era, there is an
increasing demand of a High Speed Comparator for ADC, DAC
and various other applications in an analog and digital domain.
This paper describes and analyzes five different architecture for
low power and high speed comparators. In this paper, authors
have analyzed and simulated the designs using TSMC 0.35 m
CMOS technology with 2.0V for preamplifier based comparator
and 1.8V power supply for dynamic comparators. The simulation
results allow the circuit designer to fully explore the tradeoffs
in comparator design, such as offset voltage, speed, power and
area for Pipelined A/D Converters. Prelayout and postlayout
simulations are carried out using Eldo SPICE tool and layout
using IC Station.

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