Design and Analysis of Gating and Risering System for Casting of Ball Valves

Pranav Panchal, Shashikant Joshi, Nilesh Ghetiya


Casting is suitable economical manufacturing process for various components. It may experience different defects such as crack, porosity, hot tear etc. because of poor design of gating and risering system. The objective of the project is to optimize gating and risering systems of ball valve component based on CAD and simulation technology with the goal of improving casting quality and increasing casting yield.

In the work presented, CAD model of ball valve has been developed and simulation has been carried out using ProCAST. ProCAST results are compared with the experimental results for validation. Risering and gating parameters are modified to get better yield. It is observed that with new gating and risering system casting yield is improved by 8% and porosity is decreased by 1%.


Sand casting, Mold filling, solidification, Porosity and Simulation.

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