Design of Static and Dynamic Decoupler for Coupled Quadruple Tank Level System

Hasan Vhora, Jignesh Patel


Multi Inputs Multi Output (MIMO) processes are very common in industrial environment. These loops comprise multiple measurement (sensor) and manipulating (control) signals. The quadruple tank system is popular test bench setup to demonstrate various properties of MIMO process. Major challenge faced while designing a control system for MIMO processes is the interaction (or coupling) between inputs and outputs. In such cases conventional multi loop PID control works when the coupling is less or weak. When interactions increases then the conventional multi loop PID control fails. Hence, need arises to provide control solutions for highly coupled system and one of the most primitive approach is to implement decoupler control. Thus, attempt is made to understand and realize the problem for controlling a highly coupled process with help of quadruple tank system. Design of decoupler using LabVIEW and its validation are the prime work of the presented paper.


Decoupler Design, LabVIEW, MIMO Coupled Process, PID Control, Quadruple Tank System

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