An Application of Value Stream Mapping in Production Flow Analysis: A lean approach in An Automotive Industry

Krushnaraj Bodana, Bimal Kumar Mawandiya, Kaushik M Patel, Bharat A Modi


Lean manufacturing deals with a manufacturing process improvement based on the fundamental goal of Toyota production system in order to minimize or eliminate waste while maximizing production flow. Today in a highly competitive local and global market, it is very much crucial to satisfy the changing demand of the customers. Thus, in today’s manufacturing industry there is an increased focus to produce the right product at right time. The prime objective of this paper to apply a significant lean manufacturing tool know as Value Stream Mapping (VSM). To fulfil this objective a fundamental principles of lean were implemented and VSM was generated to analyse the production flow at an automotive industry and improve the current operating condition to overcome the difficulties with current state of work through time study, Takt time calculation, modifying work cell layout. And based on the future state of VSM, final results showed that by implementing this lean techniques, Production Lead-time (PLT) decreased from 7.6 days to 3.2 days, and the cycle time is decrease up to 73%.


Lean Manufacturing; VSM; Cycle time

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