An Application of Taguchi Parameter Design in Predicting and Optimizing the Machining Parameters for Face Milling Operation

Krushnaraj Bodana, Bimal Kumar Mawandiya


The quality of surface finish is always an application based and higher the surface finish higher is the manufacturing cost. This paper exhibits an application of the Taguchi parameter design approach in selecting the major influencing factors on the study of face milling operation of an automobile chassis component and optimization of the same parameters for achieving required surface finish and cycle time in a CNC face milling operation. The Taguchi’s parameter design approach is an efficient trial strategy by which different parameters that are effecting the process were analyzed. An orthogonal L9 array was utilized and experiments were carried out to optimize machining parameters based on the signal to noise ratio. At last, validation tests was also conducted to verify process capability.


Taguchi parameter design; Surface finish ;Cycle time

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