Productivity Improvement of Rubber Roller Mixing Process using Cause and Effect Analysis: A case study

Gaurav S Patel, Bimal Kumar Mawandiya


Productivity plays an important role in any industry which enables a firm to compete in a competitive global world. Productivity provides an idea about how efficiently resources in a company are utilized. These paper addresses the application of cause and effect diagram for a mixing process of rubber compound. Rubber roll is an essential component which is used in a textile, plastic industry, rayon, paper mill and printing industry. For a product to have a good quality, the product should be made with standardize process and with consistent quality. Rubber roll and other rubber products are made by mixing process of various ingredients within specific temperature limits. The purpose of this project is to examine the rubber roll manufacturing process. The concept of work study to observe in detail is used to improve the productivity. The mixing process is taken into consideration, by taking number of trials, problem related with the mixing process are identified. Corrective action are taken to improve the effectiveness of equipment used for mixing process. Based on the observations a detailed cause and effect diagram is constructed. With the help of this study and after the necessary modifications, the goal is achieved by a proposed standardized mixing process, which in turn leads to the productivity improvement.


Rubber manufacturing process, Work study, Method study, and Cause and effect diagram

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