Effect of Cutting Parameters on Power Consumption and Tool Wear during Turning of EN31 Steel under Minimum Quantity Solid Lubrication

Anand Somabhai Patel


This paper reports the comparative investigation of effect of cutting parameters i.e. cutting speed, feed and depth of cut on power consumption and too wear during turning operation of EN31. Three cooling techniques were employed during the turning operations of which one is Minimum Quantity Solid Lubrication (MQSL). Calcium Fluoride powder used as solid lubricant and mixed with SAE 40 oil, which was used as MQSL cooling technique. The experimental results highlight the power consumption was less during MQSL cooling technique. Further, the tool wear was also less in MQSL cooling compare to other cooling technique.


Calcium Fluoride, Minimum Quality Solid Lubrication (MQSL), Turing

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