Cohesion Factor Relations for Cubic Equations of State: Soave-Redlich-Kwong Equation of State

M H. Joshipura, N Subrahmanyam, S P. Dabke


Cubic Equations of States (CEOS), a well celebrated
tool for predicting phase equilibrium, can be compared based on
the accuracy of the prediction of vapor pressure. Accurate vapor
pressure prediction is completely dependent on cohesion factor
used in CEOS. In the present work, six cohesion function models
for Soave Redlich Kwong (SRK) Equations of State (EOS),
available in literature have been compared. 313 compounds,
compromising of 29 different classes of families, have been
selected for the study. The reduced temperatures were studied
in three regions; (i) Tr<0.7 (ii) Tr >=0.7 and (iii) entire range
from freezing point to critical point. It was observed that all
the models compared here show the acceptable behavior except
model proposed by Soave (Soave, 1992). Some families showed
very high deviation in AAD, which can be attributed to more
than one factor like polarity, acentricity, and association.

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