Buckling Strength of Single-Layer Steel Braced Barrel Vaults

Mulesh K. Pathak, B J. SHAH


Buckling is a critical state of stress and deformation, at which
a slight disturbance causes a gross additional deformation, or
perhaps a total structural failure of the part. Structural behavior
of the part beyond 'buckling' is not evident from the normal
arguments of static. Buckling failures do not depend on the
strength of the material, but are a function of the component
dimensions & modulus of elasticity. Therefore, materials with a
high strength will buckle just as quickly as low strength ones. If a
structure is subject to compressive loads, then a buckling analysis
may be necessary. The study presented in this paper is intended
to help designers of steel braced barrel vaults by identifying the
significant differences determining which configuration(s) would
be best in different conditions of use. The study presented is of
parametric type and covers several other important parameters
like rise to span ratio, different boundary conditions, such that
barrel vault acts as an arch, as a beam or as a shell, The buckling
strength of a six different configuration of a single layer braced
barrel vaults are presented in this paper for aspect ratio varying
from 1-3 and having four different types of boundary conditions.
Through consideration of these parameters, the paper presents
an assessment of the effect of the vault configuration on the
overall buckling strength.

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