Application of MATLAB in Process Control: Case Study for First Order Reaction in a CSTR

R Oza, N Shah, D G. Tadse, M H. Joshipura


Since the last three decades, structure of the chemical
processes has become increasingly complex, due to better
management of energy and raw materials. As a consequence,
the design of control systems has become the focal point in
industries today. Any chemical process needs to be controlled
for various purposes, such as environmental regulations, safety,
economic considerations; product quality etc. in the present work,
isothermal continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) is modeled
for first order reactions. The non linear equations so obtained
were linearized and converted in to the transfer function. These
model equations were solved at steady and dynamic mode, and
the concentration is obtained as a function of time. The transfer
function developed was used to tune the system. The tuning
parameters were then determined by a trial and error method.

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