Data semantic conflicts: An approach based on the notion of 'information bearing capability'

Rashmi Mantri, Junkang Feng


A fundamental question for databases and information
systems is how data represents (bears) information. It seems
that little has been said in information system literature that
what and how data bear information. We articulate this problem
with the notion of Information Bearing Capability (IBC) of
data schemata under the shed of an Information Source-Bearer-
Receiver (SBR) framework. The focus of this paper is to explain
the phenomenon of semantic conflicts that why information
received by different users of a database may be different even
though they look at the same piece of data. To this end, we exploit
semantic theories of information to elucidate that real world is
full of information, a database is a representation of part of the
information in analogue form and how through the process of
digitalization a specific piece of information is chosen, queried
and reasoned about, which is the most relevant to the different
database users.

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