Current Error Space Phasor Based Fixed Band Hysteresis Controller Employed for Shunt Active Power Filter

P N. Tekwani, Siddarthsingh K. Chauhan, Mihir C. Shah


Current harmonics, which are injected
in the utility by nonlinear loads, cause major problems that
tend to deteriorate the power quality at the mains. To reduce
such harmonics, Active Power Filters (APF) are commonly
employed. This paper gives performance analysis of current
error space phasor based hysteresis controller for shunt active
power filter, which allows precise compensation of harmonic
currents produced by nonlinear loads. The controller keeps
the current error space phasor within the hexagonal boundary
(fixed band) by applying inverter voltage vectors which are
adjacent to the output voltage vector (voltage vector at the point
of common coupling). Region detection logic enables switching
of inverter voltage vector which keeps the current error well
within the prescribed hexagonal boundary. The controller has
a self-adaptive logic which implements necessary sector changes
effectively. Implementation of instantaneous reactive power theory
for reference current generation is carried out using DSP

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