Efficient Stochastic Dijkstra Protocol For Mobile Ad-Hoc Network With Quality of Service

D K. Kothari, Dilip Patel


Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) consists
of a group of mobile nodes, which autonomously establish
connectivity via multi - hop wireless communications. This
Paper present a new protocol model, a stochastic Dijkstra
Routing (SDR), for MANET. To effectively route the traffic
for ever changing nodes in MANET with a constrains of less
overhead and best quality end to end packet delivery ratio,
a novel approach SDR will be presented which involves the
technique of evenly or equally distribution of traffic through
random variable for a link metrics to provide sort of load
balancing. In MANET, SDR protocol shows good agreement
for above mention constrains compares to AODV (Ad hoc On
demand Distance Vector) routing protocols.

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