EQ for Engineers

rachna sharma, kajal yadav, Sefali Shah


Abstract—Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient may be new and progressing area for research. EQ means intelligence of emotions. It was traced in 1995 after which it started capturing its importance to understand how it can be utilized to increase the effectiveness of human resources. Emotional intelligence shows one’s ability of understanding and managing the emotions. This paper reviews the role of EQ in an engineer’s life and reveals some real-life statistics of EQ obtained from the survey. We took a survey of 76 engineers to get the present scenario of EQ in our society and 11 managers from multinational companies to get the idea of what they are expecting from their fresher. An engineer must possess skills like effective leadership, communication, teamwork, and relationship management. In order to hold the above-mentioned skills, he must have a high level of emotional intelligence.  Overall this paper signifies the utility of EQ in an engineer’s professional life. It aims at bringing awareness about EQ among the mankind.


Emotional Intelligence

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